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2014 Awards by nitzer111 on Tue 18 Mar 05:34:22 AM

hey Tim, what about just giving them out at the 1st tourny? ...

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Banquet by nitzer111 on Thu 6 Mar 04:10:35 PM

Whats up guys. Just wondering if there is any word on the ba...

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Championship by nitzer111 on Fri 27 Sep 09:53:18 AM

Just wondering the details for this weekend as far as entry ...

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white board by tsquires1015 on Tue 18 Jun 09:02:44 PM

club officials,

I may be able to get a big white dry erase ...

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onieda on the 7th by razouk on Sat 15 Jun 02:53:03 AM

just confirming this is on a sunday. thanks.

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         Hey guys,
 First thing, Sorry I haven't really been in contact, ive been busy with work and such, Anyway, I just got off the phone with Gerry and this is what we decided to do. The trophies are almost done so over the next two or three weeks we will have a little get together at a bar around the Rotterdam area to meet up to give out the trophies. The problem with banquets is useally the only people that actually show up is the people getting the awards. So I will be in contact with most of you guys on a location and date.
Second thing. I wanna go over the overall budget for last year. heres just a breakdown of how everything went down.
 Trophies and plaques - 600
 2014 Insurance for the club- 400
 2014 Premits for state boat launches- 200
 2013 Lunker of the year awards- 2 @ 150 each(300 all together)
That leaves a remaining balance of  300$
 Therefore, we decided that we will use the 300 for newer equiptment and materails to benefit the club.
Third thing, What would you say If I tell you that the club lost 400$ this year?. That's right. 400$ People might not think but the 50/50 that the club puts on USEALLY at each tournament pulls about 200$. So that would be 100$ to the winner and 100 to the club and as a club there was only 3 tournments that someone ran the 50/50.  so that's only 300 out of a possible 700. So this year we will definitely need someone to run a 50/50. This year all of the clubs money will be paid out in the classic ( Execpt for the 400 for insurance and 300 for premits). So In the terms of people my age the 2014 Schenectady Elite Anglers Classic should be EPIC!
  If Anyone has any questions or concerns please feel free to give me a call or shoot me a txt @ 518-879-7896
Elite Anglers is a team trail that hosts largemouth and smallmouth bass tournaments throughout upstate NY. We currently have 90-100 members and average about 30+ boats per tournament. These teams are made up of good fisherman looking for a fun competitive trail. We have some of the stiffest competition in the area, yet this trail has always managed to maintain a fun atmosphere! Fish with son/daughter, wife or girlfriend. Everyone is welcome to fish the trail.  We encourage members to print out the form, complete it and turn in  at the first tournament.  By having this done ahead of time, it will obviously free up some of your time the morning of the tournament.  EVERYONE will need to fill out a membership form.  This is to make sure we have correct contact information for everyone.  In addition to your membership forms, a COPY of  current insurance LIABILITY is REQUIRED for any boat used in any Schenectady Elite Anglers Tournament, points or opens. This copy will be kept on file with Schenectady Elite Anglers. Thank you for your cooperation.
There were a few rule changes last year, as agreed upon by the committee. The changes are in effect this year also:
1) There will be no throw out tournaments
2) Anyone not having a lock permit the morning of the tournament, on the river, will not be allowed to enter the lock chamber with other anglers who have a permit. You must wait for those anglers with a permit to pass the locks and then you can enter and obtain a permit. If another angler arrives while you are waiting to enter the lock, you must allow that angler or anglers access to the lock and wait for them to pass. This should alleviate the problems in the past of anglers with a permit waiting for others to obtain one. If anyone violates this rule, the punishment for the rule infraction is outlined in the CLUB RULES section.
Our annual club membership is $35.00 per angler. Our tournaments are $100.00 including lunker. At the end of the season we award trophies and plaques to the top 3 teams in points, lunker awards for both LM/SM bass, rookie of the year and/or most improved team and possibly inducta member/former member into the Hall Of Fame . The awards are handed out at our sit down dinner banquet. Club Rules are available from the link in the navigation on the left. Any other information about Schenectady Elite Anglers can be obtained by using the "Contact Club" link in the club navigation to the left. Membership form now available.

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